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Curriculum Theme Planning For:

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 Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

"Key Notes" Pre-Academic Curriculum in Conjunction with....... 

Exceed!  Preschool learning systems is a theme-based curriculum that allows children an opportunity to explore in a developmentally appropriate environment.  The program presents detailed, pre-written lesson  plans with define skills in scope and sequence.  Children experience large and small group situation along with individual assistance while exploring the area of Language, Math, Science, Culture, Music, and Art.  On a daily basis, youngsters participate in each of the focus areas and circle time activities, and explore designated locations in the classroom known as "centers" to the preschooler.  Socialization is encouraged throughout the daily activities as an integral part of the preschool curriculum.

Language is scheduled both in the morning and afternoon.  Reading books, learning rhymes, distinguishing the name of letters, and learning the beginning sounds of the letters are included in each session.  Math is a small group activity allowing time for exploration, working with patterns, sorting, classifying and comparing materials, and counting by rote, as well as, with concrete objects.  Science is included daily with the weather activity during circle time and at other times during the week as a separate activity that includes observing, predicting, "hands on" experimenting and discussing various observations.  Culture activities are presented throughout the week providing children opportunities to experience and appreciate other lifestyles in the world along with their own.  The Music focus is a time to explore  rhythms, play musical instruments, sing, dance, discover various kinds of music and develop gross motor skills.  The daily Art period allows children opportunities to experience  a variety of art material and challenge their imaginations while developing fine motor skills.



Preschool Curriculum

*It is known fact that children learn faster and learn more when they are having fun.

*Our Preschool curriculum has been carefully designed to give your child a full range of learning skills that ensure success in school while teaching them that learning can be fun and exciting.

*We recognize the importance of a good early childhood education and we are professionally committed to the education and development of young children.

*We are committed to helping children learn to think creatively, to solve problems independently, and to respect themselves and others.

*We believe that a good early childhood experience can contribute immeasurably to helping children become responsible people who care about and show concern for others.

                             "WE MAKE LEARNING FUN!"


Pre-Academic Curriculum


Learning Readiness

-Basic Sight Vocabulary

-Listening Comprehensive

-Following Directions

-Auditory Discrimination

-Distinguish the Same and Different

-Distinguish Big and Small

-Distinguish More and Less





Color and Shapes 

-Recognition of Basic Colors

-Word Recognition

-Recognizing Shapes

-Forming Geometric Shapes

-Visual Discrimination

-Fine Motor Skill Development


-Alphabet Recognition

-Letter Identification

-Auditory Discrimination

-Word Discrimination

-Word Comprehinsion

-Word Recognition

-Recognizing Right & Left

-Basic Sight Vocabulary

-Descriptive Vocabulary

-Word/Picture Association

-Sound/Symbol Association

-Beginning and Ending Sounds

-Language Development

-Basic Phonetic Sound

-Association, Classification, and Logic Reasoning

-Matching Like Figures






-Number Recognition

-Number Discrimination

-Basic Rote Counting

-One-to-One Correspondence

-Making Comparisons

-Matching, Sorting, Sequencing











-Recognition of Body Parts

-Five Senses

-Cooking Activities

-Water/Rice Play






Self Care/Social Awareness 

-Self Help/Independence

-Cleaning Up Behind Yourself

-Taking Care of Belongings



-Proper Toileting and Handwashing

Social Studies


-Community Helpers

-General Information/Awareness (People, Places, and Customs)





Come and see why "Our Peace Of Mind is the Key to Your Peace of Mind!"     



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